Philippians 1:1-11

The city of Philippi was the first European city to hear the gospel from Paul. Paul had a great love for the people of this city. The Christians of Philippi had a closer fellowship than Christians in other cities. Paul was filled with thanks for those who prayed for him. These things we can do for our spiritual leader: (1) pray for him, (2) support him financially, (3) cooperate with him.

  1. The People—vv. 1-2
    1. Servants—v. 1. Both Paul and Timothy were servants of Jesus Christ. Paul, who was a persecutor of Christians, is now a preacher of God’s Word.
    2. Saints—v. 2. This letter is written to the saints at Philippi. Paul and Silas were imprisoned in Philippi—I Thessalonians 2:2. This city was evangelized by Paul on his second missionary journey.
  2. The Praise—vv. 2-4
    1. Prayer—v. 2. “May God bless you all. Yes, I pray that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will give each of you his fullest blessings, and his peace in your hearts and your lives”—LB.
    2. Praise—v. 3. Paul thanks those who have helped him.
    3. Pleasure—vv. 4-5. It was Paul’s pleasure to pray for those who were a help and blessing to him in preaching God’s Word.
  3. The Promise—vv. 6-8
    1. Promise—v. 6. God will complete the work He has started in you. Compare with Ephesians 2:10.
    2. Pain—v. 7. The people shared with Paul the pain as well as the joy. We are all members of one body.
    3. Personal—v. 8. Paul longs to be with the Philippians. He enjoyed their fellowship. Note Psalm 133:1, I John 1:7.
  4. The Prayer—vv. 9-11
    1. Prayer of faith—v. 9. Paul prays that the Philippians have the faith that causes one to have more love and growth in the Lord. Note II Peter 3:18.
    2. Prayer of faithfulness—v. 10. Be faithful to His Word, as well as His will. Live so that no one can find fault in you. Note the example of Daniel—Daniel 6:4.
    3. Prayer of fruitfulness—v. 11. “May you always be doing those good, kind things which show that you are a child of God, for this will bring much praise and glory to the Lord”—LB.

Wherever Paul went he won people to Christ. He then sent letters or Epistles to encourage others. Paul never forgot to thank those who were a help to him. Not only should we thank God for what He has done, but we should also thank those who have been a help to us.


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