Stealing From the Taxpayers

no_taxesTaxation for non-essential programs is stealing. Some may argue the idea that a consensus or majority makes it different, and morally acceptable. However, is there ever a real “consensus of majority?” Tax laws are initiated by the House and approved by the Senate. Both groups together make up a very minute percentage of the population…

certainly not a majority. Taxpayers at large do not agree with many of the taxes their elected representatives vote for. It is wrong to forcibly take your neighbors money to pay for a program you like, whether it be art, welfare, health or whatever, and voting with others to have the government do it for you is no different morally.

Article 1, section 8 of the United States Constitution gives Congress the power to raise money to support the federal government, pay its debts and pay for a national military force. Nothing else. Nowhere in our constitution is congress given permission to redistribute income.

And then along comes FDR, a bleeding heart liberal who many call an communist. With his take from the rich and give to the poor ‘New Deal’ he started the ball rolling and other democrats followed in his footsteps. Now we can be forced to give money (via taxes) to support everything from art that isn’t to handouts for illegals. Why should the government be allowed to take money from me (that I need to feed my family) and give it to a program that I can’t afford to take advantage of. If the government wants to give handouts (and I’m all for helping those who NEED help) then create a government run benevolence fund. My church has such a fund. Those wishing to give, make their donation and the fund is then used to help those in need. When I tag my car, I am given the choice of donating a dollar to ‘save the bay.’ Why not have a place on the tax forms where taxpayers can elect, choose, determine of their on volition, to donate whatever amount they wish to the government benevolence fund. It would be deducted from their refund or added to what they pay. Now there’s a government program I can get behind.

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