Religious Intolerance

An interesting article just hit my in-box that I thought worthy of notice.   Dr Richard Reeb in concerned that religious intolerance is quietly making a comeback on the American scene. In the essay he states:

The turn to religious toleration was not only a result of a prudent appreciation of civil peace and the social and political disadvantages of unchallengeable religious doctrine, but was facilitated by the common moral teaching of the otherwise conflicting theologies of the Roman Catholic Church and the growing number of Protestant denominations and the Jewish congregations. To “love they neighbor as thyself” is a teaching that is both true and good.

But today European politicians seem determined to obliterate all reference to their Christian heritage, thereby practically throwing out the moral “baby” with the doctrinal “bathwater.” And in America many of our politicians seem equally determined to remove religion from what the late Fr. John Neuhaus called “the public square.” He understood that Christianity, and Judaism no less, cannot be tossed aside without deleterious consequences

Because of the largely unquestioned acceptance of the “value-free” doctrine of moral and religious relativism, many of our leading citizens look upon religion as more of an irritant than a solution to our political problems, assuming that they have a grasp of what those problems actually are.

In particular, the moral principles of the so-called “religious right” are considered more of a threat to freedom (or an affront to progressive attitudes) than the openly and violently intolerant doctrines of radical Islam. The price of freedom is seen as not taking religion seriously and chastising those who do. This moves far away from toleration of religious differences to outright disdain for religion.

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