Phil Robertson; The Most Dangerous Man in America

phil“Why is Phil Robertson the most dangerous man in America? First of all, he’s a man of conviction. He knows what he believes and he’s not afraid to say it. This is a rare quality in America today and most sensible people will respect him for it even if they don’t agree with everything he says.”

When I log on to FaceBook, at the top of the screen is a blank field asking “What’s on your mind?” This morning, Phil Robertson is what’s (or should I say who) on my mind. Every time I log on to FB someone has shared or posted something about Robertson/Duck Dynasty usually with the plea to “share if you agree.”

Well I must start with saying I really do not agree with all the hoopla over this situation. A&E fired Robertson because they felt he said something that tarnished their company image. That is their right and I support their right to run their business as they wish even though I might not agree with their reasons.

But back to the title. This morning, as usual, someone had shared yet another article about Robertson and the title definitely intrigued me. While most of the glurge items speak of ‘poor’ Phil and his clan, this one seemed to have a different slant and looked to be from some far left-wing liberal once again spouting off about a religion they knew nothing about.  My curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the link and ended up at “DeaconCast” a blog written by a Catholic Deacon.

The article was illuminating and insightful.  You can read the full article here.

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