We are not ‘all’ God’s children!

On a daily basis, I receive religion based emails from various sites I have subscribed to and this morning I received one that was a list of things that People/Christians say that are not in the Bible. One on the list hit one of my hot buttons. I quote: “We’re all God’s children.

Original author’s response: “People who make this statement really mean, “God created us all,” which is accurate. God is the Father of us all in the sense that he formed us and gave us life. We are not, however, all God’s children.”

The author then goes on to explain what we need to do to become God’s children and is mostly correct.

Now on the surface, many if not most Christians would agree with this response, but unfortunately this is bad theology.  I have always been bugged when I hear folks say something like “God created us all in His image” or similar and that is just wrong! Lets look at the above statement:
1.“God created us all,” which is accurate.
No, it is not accurate. God did NOT create us all. Nowhere in the Bible does it say or even hint that God created each of us. God only ‘created’ Adam and then Eve. I can find no verse that even hints at the fact He created anyone else. From Adam and Eve, all other humans are the result of natural procreation.

2. “God is the Father of us all in the sense that he formed us and gave us life.
No, even had He formed and given each of us life, He would not be our father. He would still be our creator and there is a big difference.

So, who exactly are “God’s children?” Well, according to John 3:16,  Jesus is His “Only begotton Son.” “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” In addition, God has chosen to adopt all those who have put their faith in the atoning work of His “only begotton Son,” (Eph.1:4) who died on the cross that we may have life everlasting. Once adopted, we are then joint heirs of Christ and truely “God’s children.”

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