Maryland School Board Scrubs Religious Holidays From Calendar

urlLocal newspapers, radio and TV stations are watching closely, and reporting on the Montgomery County Maryland school board’s recent decision to remove all religious branding from its school calendar. No longer will the calendar show Christmas, Easter, Yom Kipper, etc. In their place will be winter break, spring break and other terms that have no connection to any religion.

The reason? Because the Muslim community requested that one or both of their largest religious holidays be included. Rather than add the Muslim holidays, the school board decided to scrub all religion context from the calendar. Kids still get the days off; they just don’t call them by their rightful names.
Now the biggest group upset about this is not the Muslim community as one would suppose but rather the Christian community who is screaming that once again, God is being removed from our schools, Christians are being attacked, the world is against us, blah, blah, blah.

Now, before I go any further, in the interest of ‘full disclosure’: I am a Christian. Christian by conversion, Baptist by choice, conservative, baptized, and spirit filled. Some of what I am about to say might rankle the emotions of some of my conservative brethren but so be it.

I believe in freedom of religion and firmly believe in the First Amendment of our Constitution which says that the Government should make no laws respecting any particular religion. It does not say however, that the government should not be affected by religion, or that religion should not have an effect on government.
This nation, contrary to what many want to believe, was founded on Christian principles. I believe that even today, it should be guided by those same principles. However, I do not believe it is the government’s job to instill those principles in society. It is the responsibility of those of us who claim Jesus Christ as our savior.

At this point, I have to admit that I see Islam as a very violent religion. Muslims will say that the terrorists we read about every day are not ‘real’ muslims and do not represent true Islam. Unfortunately, there is not outcry from the Islamic community with regard to the acts carried out by this ‘so-called’ fringe element. If it were up to me, I would label Islam as a terrorist group and treat adherents as such. But that is just my opinion. Our government should not (according to our Constitution) favor any particular religion(s). This means that if they are going to recognize one religion, they must recognize all religions.

Having said that; Christmas has become so secularized that is is no longer considered a religious holiday, even by many if not most Christians. Easter certainly is as is Yom Kipper, etc. They can call the holidays what they wish. I will still recognize Christmas and Easter as religious holidays.

In the book of Mark, verse 15, we read: “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Christ gave this command to the Apostles but I believe the Bible teaches that it is also applicable to all Christians today. It is OUR responsibility to reach the lost. For that reason, I care not what the public school system does or does not do.

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