Letter to the Editor

This ‘letter to the editor’ came to me this week from a missionary friend. It was written to the editor of the local newspaper and I thought it worth posting.


It was said of the ship, Titanic, that it was unsinkable, and that even God Himself could not sink it. When such things are said, it is only a short time before the unsinkable sinks. Recently President Obama said, “America is the one indispensable, (necessary or essential), nation.” America is in big trouble. We are being drawn into yet another war. Our economy is running on credit. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. People are beheading people in the name of religion. Ebola, the flesh eating disease, is now present in America, and three thousand of our soldiers have been sent to African Ebola areas to be exposed and possibly bring even more exposure to us and our children. Bullets have been shot into the White House, and an intruder was able to get into the heart of the White House before being stopped.

What if one hundred or two hundred terrorists attacked the White House, or the Capitol while the Congress and Senate were in session, like they did the Nairobi, African Mall or the Mumbai, India attack on the hotel and other targets. A few guards would not be able to stop such a coordinated attack. Our southern borders are so open that even kids can walk across. If children can easily cross our borders, how much more can terrorists, who have an agenda of killing us and our kids.

Billions are being poured into the prevention of climate change, which blames pollution from carbon emissions at power plants and from automobiles. But, the pollutions from the hearts of people have come up into Gods’ nose, and in His Mercy, He is trying to get the world’s attention before He starts bringing judgment. “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God.” America knew God in the past. But, its actions declare loud and clear, that God has been left behind in the thoughts and affections of most in America. Horrible things have been and are being done in the name of religion. Ear tickling religion is not the answer, but you having a one on one relationship with God is.

God sent His only begotten Son into the world to seek and to save that which was lost. The Divine Blood of Christ paid for the sins of the world. God said you must be born again out of the earth anchored and hell bound life of sin and self-centeredness into the Creator’s Life, that anchors you to God and eternity. This new birth comes to us sinners when we turn to God, and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ asking Him to be our Lord and Savior. Getting into a Church or Religion can never change a heart. Don’t delay! America is skating on thin ice. God’s mercy starts with you, and could reach all of America.

People are at ease with their entertainments, mind numbing alcohol and drugs, immorality, etc. Look at your kids.

Do you want to hand them over to an America that has already started over the cliff to destruction. You can make a difference, and that difference begins in your own heart. Fathers turn your heart to your children. Children turn your heart to your parents. America needs an awakening to the truth. Many today consider themselves well informed and educated. But, they have never read the Book of Books, the Bible. Its not a white man’s book. It is God’s Book. The New Testament is as foreign to most as the demonized individuals, who cut off people’s heads in the name of religion. Wake up to God America. Get acquainted with the God of the New Testament. Read it. It is a living book that breathes wisdom and light into its readers. Pray for America. Band aids will not bring a cure. America is terminally ill with a cancer, that must be cut out. God must be remembered, or America will keep sliding at an ever increasing speed into the hell it is creating for itself.

God Please, Have Mercy On Us, And On America

Brother Ed Bausell

Tiospaye Bible Baptist Church

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