No Government Healthcare

obamacare-anniversary-21[Repost: A number of years ago, I posted this on another blog, but given the track record of the Obamacare fiasco, I will repost here. Would love to hear new thoughts.]

On Sept. 11, 2006 I had a massive heart attack. I lived through it but the doctor gave me only 4-5 years if I was lucky.  At the time, because I was not employed, I had no health insurance.  Fortunately, when I told the doctor (whom I had never met prior to the heart attack) that I could not come in for a follow-up visit because I couldn’t afford it, he waived his fee. Thank goodness.  He treated me for six months free of charge.  Then…I hit 65 and was able to get Medicare, the government run health care program.  Here it is four years, a defriballator and three more stents costing close to a hundred-thousand dollars and it’s cost me nary a penny.  Medicare and my supplemental paid it all.

Now, you might ask how I can be a beneficiary of a Government run health care program that has kept me alive these past four years and at the same time say ‘No Government Healthcare.”

Well, I’m glad you asked.  I can find no where in our Constitution where the Government has the right to take money from one person and redistribute it to another.  My neighbors should not be forced to pay my medical bills, my housing bills, my food bills etc. (I’ll discuss the latter two later.) I’ve worked all my life and paid into the program so naturally I signed up for it.  If they dropped the program today and said that all who were under medicare would be dropped as soon as they had received benefits equal to what they had paid in plus any accrued interest, I would say great! I would be concerned because of the ongoing cost of my meds and treatment, but at least now, no one would be forced to pay my bills.

This is the way I feel health care should work:

1. Level the playing field. Make the politicians use the same health programs that the rest of us use.

2. Next, put a cap on all lawsuits limiting them to actual expenses for any and all medical care, now and future and for lost income now and future.  If my hospital and my  doctors didn’t have to pay such exorbitant rates for liability insurance, they could drastically reduce their prices.

3. All employers must provide fully funded health care for their employees whether they have one or 1,000. If you can afford to hire a maid, nanny, gardener etc.  you can afford to give him/her health care.  If you can afford to open up super-marts all over the world, you can afford to give the employees health care.

4. Family, churches and communities get involved.

  • First, families take care of their own. Children sick, its the parents responsibility. Parent sick, it’s their children’s responsibility.  If there is a financial problem…then
  • The church should step in.   My church and most like it do take care of their members. If we have a member that is out of work and  has medical bills or other financial problems due to not fault of their own, they usually receive help with bills, rent, food or whatever. But what if they are un-churched? Unfortunately, too many folks today never darken the doors of a church.
  • Then the community steps in.  Almost every community today, has some sort of charity that will help folks with aide.

Notice that in none of the above did I mention that the entity spoken of was forced to give any type of aid.  It’s called compassion for your fellow man. You give what you can.  If someone came to my door and said “so-and-so two houses down had a heart-attack and the family is really having a hard time paying the bills and making ends meet. Can you give something?” Even in my situation, I would try to give $5-$10.  However, if that same person came to my door and instead of asking if I could give something, demanded  a $1 contribution, I’d probably say something that I can’t print here and slam the door in his face.

Well, government run health-care programs do just that. Every pay check, they take a chunk of your pay that you need to feed your family and give it to someone else to take care of their medical bills.

So yes, I definitely say NO! to government health-care.

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