Forever – That’s Eternity!

Psalm 23_Title

Verses 28 and 29 of John declare the wonderful security true believers have in Christ. We have eternal life, not just life “for as long as we don’t sin.” We are in Christ’s care and the Father’s hand, a double assurance of eternal preservation for His sheep. We are the Father’s gift to the Son, and the Father will not take back a gift. Sheep are a beautiful illustration of Christians. Sheep are clean animals, and Christians have been cleansed from their sin. Sheep flock together, and so do true believers. Sheep are harmless, and Christians should be blameless and harmless. Sheep are given to wandering—and so are we! Sheep need a shepherd for protection, guidance, and food; and we need Christ for spiritual protection, daily guidance, and spiritual food. Sheep are useful and productive; so are true Christians. Finally, sheep were used for sacrifices; and Christians are willing to yield themselves for Christ as “living sacrifices” (Rom. 12:1). (WIERSBE’S EXPOSITORY OUTLINES ON THE NEW TESTAMENT)

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