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A few weeks ago, while surfing the internet, I ran across a program that looked interesting. The name was e-Sword and it was advertised as “the Sword of the Lord with an electronic edge,” Bible study software.   What really go my interest though was that the program was free, as in totally free.

Well, being a great fan of open source software, I downloaded and installed the program. I wanted to see what books were available and how it would compete with the two commercial programs that I currently own. (WORDsearch and Quickverse). After some extensive testing, I am glad to say that it compares very favorably.

The initial download and install was done with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. The initial installation includes a few basic books (called ‘Modules’) but hundreds more can be downloaded from the e-Sword website (www.e-sword.net) and a sister site (www.biblesupport.com) at no cost.  There are also a number of books that are available for a small charge (usually under $20). These are more recent books that are under copyright.

I’ve placed a permanent link to the e-Sword site on the left. If you’ve always wanted a bible study program for your computer but couldn’t justify the high cost of commercial programs, I urge you to try this one. You will love it.

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  1. Thank you so much for adding the e-sword, but I couldn’t find my favorite version; NKJV. Is it available to add to e-sword?

  2. Sorry but the NKJV is under copyright by Thomas Nelson Publishers so it cannot be utilized in the e-Sword software as a free book. I checked and cannot find anyone who has licensed the use of the NKJV. It would be a ‘premium’ module and probably sell for about $25

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