secondary_series2013ColossiansPAUL’S PRAYER FOR THE COLOSSIANS

Greeting; Col. 1:1-2

1. Prayer of Thanks; Col. 1:3-8

a. For their faith; Col. 1:4 a
b. For their love; Col. 1:4 b
c. Their faith and love were produced by the hope they had learned in the gospel; Col. 1:5-8

2. Prayer of Request; Col. 1:9-13

a. That they be filled with knowledge of God’s will; Col. 1:9
b. That they walk worthily; Col. 1:10-13

(1) Bearing fruit; Col. 1:10 a
(2) Increasing in knowledge of God; Col. 1:10 b
(3) Being strengthened; Col. 1:11
(4) Giving thanks to the Father; Col. 1:12-13

3. The Preeminence of Christ—the motivation to prayer; Col. 1:14-23

a. We have redemption in him; Col. 1:14
b. He is the image of God; Col. 1:15
c. He is the firstborn of creation; Col. 1:15 b – Col. 1:16
d. He is before all things; Col. 1:17 a
e. In him all things hold together: Col. 1:17 b
f. He is head of the body; Col. 1:18 a
g. He is the beginning; Col. 1:18 b
h. He is the firstborn from the dead; Col. 1:18 c
i. What God’s good pleasure decided about Christ; Col. 1:19-23

(1) All the fulness to dwell in him; Col. 1:19
(2) Christ to reconcile all things; Col. 1:20-23

4. Paul’s Ministry; Col. 1:24-29; Col. 2:1-5.
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