Colossians 1:6

secondary_series2013Colossians6. which is come unto you; even as it is also in all the world bearing fruit and increasing, as it doth in you also, since the day ye heard and knew the grace of God in truth;

Translation and Paraphrase

6. (The truth of the gospel is) present among you, just as it is (present with saints) in all the world, bearing (good) fruit and increasing (everywhere), just as it also (does) in (the midst of) you, from the day you (first) heard and accurately knew (of) the grace of God in truth (until now).


1. Col. 1:6 gives a description of the spread of the gospel: (1) It had come even unto the Colossians. (2) It bore good fruit wherever it spread. (3) It was increasing rapidly. (3) It had done these things consistently among the Colossians, ever since the day they heard the gospel and knew the truth about God’s favor.
2. The rapidity of the spread of the gospel in the first century is indicated by Paul’s remark “as it is also in all the world.”
Compare Col. 1:23, where we are told that the gospel was preached in all creation.
We understand this to mean “in all the known world,” and not necessarily as far away as the North American continent at that time.
If the gospel could spread into all the world in the first century with its limited means of communication, we should be assured that it can yet be spread over all the world in our generation with its improved communication and transportation facilities.
3. The gospel bears many fruits, all of them good. See Gal. 5:22-23; Isa. 55:10-13.
4. The gospel has been increasing ever since it was first preached. “Of the increase of his (Christ’s) government and of peace there shall be no end.” (Isa. 9:7). We may sometimes forget that there are more Christians in the world today than there have ever been before. Proportionally the percentage of Christians in the world’s population may be less because of the population explosion, but the increase in number is still real.
5. The nature of the gospel: (Col. 1:5-8).

(1) It is good news (gospel means good news).
(2) It tells of a heavenly hope.
(3) It is truth.
(4) It spreads rapidly.
(5) It bears fruit.
(6) It tells of God’s grace.
(7) It is humanly transmitted.

Study and Review

16. To where had the gospel come (two areas)? (Col. 1:6)
17. What two things did the gospel do when it came to any place?

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