Ferguson and the Aftermath

fergusonI’m sure that by now, everyone has heard of Ferguson Mo. The short story is; “A policeman shot a thief.”  The longer story is that the policeman was white and the thief was black. Now, many in Ferguson and around the nation, white and black, are upset that the investigation, including witness accounts, indicated that the police officer did nothing illegal.  Yes, things might have been done a bit differently, but we don’t know.  We were not there.  But that really isn’t the point.  They are not protesting the fact that a young black man was shot.  No, they are upset he was shot by a white cop. Would they be protesting if the cop was black and the thief was white or the cop and thief were either both white or both black? I think not.

In my opinion, the protesters are made up of four or five types.  The first two groups are made of of both whites and blacks who honestly feel that there was an injustice done. And this is based on skewed media coverage alone. The third group is made up of whites who feel that because their parents or grandparents might have treated blacks with disdain, they should take their side automatically and march along side of them.  The fourth group and by far the largest is made up of mainly those members of our society who have made bad choices all of their lives and because they refuse to take personal responsibility for their current conditions, blame the white man.  A fifth group is made up of first, the die-hard racists such as Al Sharpton who blame whites every chance they get and the thugs who see the protest as a chance to rob and loot without much chance of getting caught.

I didn’t hear any words of protest when infant Raj’saun Tyrik Brown died back in Oct. of this year after being beaten to death by his 19-yr-old father.  No great out cry when 3-yr-old Xavier Lyles was killed.  The cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries. Not a sound, even though no one was arrested for that death until three months later.  Jonathan Adams, a teen, was stabbed because the thief wanted his phone.  And the list goes on.  I mentioned only these three because they were all innocents.  They had not stolen any Cigarillos, were not waving what appeared to be a real gun around on a playground and were not disobeying a police order. Yet, not one protest to insure they got justice.  The reason? They were all killed by other blacks.

Yes, black lives do matter. But until the black community realizes that children, from the moment they are old enough to understand, should be taught a respect for life, for the property of others and for authority, situations such as this will still happen.  Even though there are thousands of police stops across the nation every year, only a few ever result in problems. And those are the cases where the person stopped has reason to not comply with the police. It has absolutely nothing to do with color.  Now I do have to admit that there are a small percentage of police who do not belong in that position, but that makes it more important that they be obeyed.

In a society where, in order to have ‘street cred,’ one has to be tough and/or carry a gun, and where the police are considered the ‘enemy’ there are always going to be problems and yes, there are going to be cases where police will have to use lethal force.  I always taught my children to always respect the police, say “yes sir/ma’am” and “no sir/ma’am” and if stopped by the police, be polite and do what they say.  That is simply a matter of respecting authority, (the uniform, not necessarily the person wearing it).

Just my opinion. Please feel free to post your thoughts below.

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