An analysis of the teachings about Christ in Colossians



I. The Nature of Christ.

1. God is the father of Christ; Col. 1:3.
2. Christ is God’s beloved Son. 1:13.
3. Christ is the image of the invisible God; Col. 1:15.
4. Christ is the firstborn of all creation; Col. 1:15.
5. He is before all things; Col. 1:17.
6. In him all things consist (hold together); Col. 1:17.
7. He is the beginning; Col. 1:18.
8. He is the firstborn from the dead; Col. 1:18.
9. He has preeminence in all things; Col. 1:18.
10. In him all the fulness dwells; Col. 1:19.
11. In him are all treasures of wisdom and knowledge; Col. 2:3.
12. All the fulness of the Godhead dwells in him; Col. 2:9.
13. He is head over all principality and power; Col. 2:10.
14. He is the body, of which rituals were shadows; Col. 2:16-17.
15. He is at the right hand of God; Col. 3:1.
16. He is all and in all; Col. 3:11.

II. The Work of Christ.

1. Past:

a. Redemption; Col. 1:14.
b. Forgiveness of sins; Col. 1:14.
c. Created all things; Col. 1:16.
(Created in him, through him, and unto him.)
d. Gave us the circumcision not made with hands; Col. 2:11.
e. He despoiled the principalities and powers; Col. 2:15.
f. He made an open show of the principalities; Col. 2:15.

2. Future:

a. He will reconcile all things; Col. 1:20.
b. He will present us holy and without blemish before God; Col. 1:22.
c. He will present men perfect; Col. 1:28.
d. He shall be manifested; Col. 3:4.
e. We shall receive just recompense from the Lord; Col. 3:24.

III. Christ and the Church.

1. We are translated into Christ’s kingdom by God; Col. 1:16.
2. Christ is head of the body; Col. 1:18; Col. 1:24.
3. We may suffer for Christ, like Paul; Col. 1:24.
4. Christ is our hope of glory; Col. 1:27.
5. Our task is the reveal Christ among the Gentiles. Christ is God’s revealed mystery; Col. 1:27; Col. 2:2; Col. 4:3.
6. We preach and admonish every man in Christ; Col. 1:28; Col. 4:3.
7. All the body is supplied from the head; Col. 2:19.

IV. Our Relationship and Responsibility to Christ.

1. Relationships:

a. We are made full in Christ; Col. 2:10.
b. We are buried with him by baptism; Col. 2:12.
c. We are raised with him; Col. 2:12; Col. 3:1.
d. We died with Christ; Col. 2:20.
e. Our life is hid with Christ in God; Col. 3:3.
f. Christ is our life; Col. 3:4.
g. We shall be manifested with him in glory; Col. 3:4.
h. All relationships (wife-husband, slave-master, etc.) are based on our relationships with Christ. Col. 3:18-25; Col. 4:1.

2. Responsibilities:

a. Faith; Col. 1:4.
b. Walk worthily of the Lord; Col. 1:10; Col. 2:6.
c. Steadfastness; Col. 2:5.
d. Order; Col. 2:5
e. Receive Christ; Col. 2:6.
f. Be rooted and builded up in him; Col. 2:7.
g. Beware lest any make spoil of us, by human traditions that are not after Christ; Col. 2:8.
h. We must hold to our Head; Col. 2:18-19.
i. Seek the things in heaven where Christ is; Col. 3:1.
j. Let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts; Col. 3:15.
k. Let Christ’s words dwell in us richly; Col. 3:16.
L. Do everything in Christ’s name; Col. 3:17.
m. Wives, be in subjection in the Lord; Col. 3:18.
n. Servants be obedient, fearing the Lord; Col. 3:22; Col. 3:24.
o. Work as unto the Lord; Col. 3:23.

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