My Beliefs

Section 1: Concerning the Holy Scripture A. Concerning Revelation, Inspiration, Inerrancy, and AuthorityB. Concerning Authorship and Preservation

C. Concerning Interpretation

Section 2: Concerning Our Triune GodA. Concerning God the FatherB. Concerning God the Son

C. Concerning God the Holy Spirit

Section 3: Concerning Angels A. Concerning Holy AngelsB. Concerning Fallen Angels
Section 4: Concerning Creation A. Concerning the Creation of the CosmosB. Concerning the Creation and Fall of Man
Section 5: Concerning SalvationA. Concerning Spiritual RegenerationB. Concerning God’s Election and Man’s Faith

C. Concerning God’s Justification of the Believer

D. Concerning the Believer’s Security in Christ

Section 6: Concerning SanctificationA. Concerning Judicial Sanctification (Our Position in Christ)B. Concerning Experiential Sanctification (Our Practice in Christ)

C. Concerning Complete Sanctification (Our Perfection in Christ)

Section 7: Concerning SeparationA. Concerning Personal SeparationB. Concerning Ministry SeparationC. Concerning Familial Separation
Section 8: Concerning The ChurchA. Concerning the Universal and Local ChurchB. Concerning Church Officers

C. Concerning Autonomy of the Local Church

D. Concerning Church Ordinances

E. Concerning the Church Mission

F. Concerning Ministry Gifts for the Church

Section 9: Concerning Our WorshipA. Concerning Our Worship of GodB. Concerning Our Worship Through Giving

C. Concerning Our Day of Gathered Worship

Section 10: Concerning Human Authority and Religious LibertyA. Concerning the Delegation of Human AuthorityB. Concerning the Believer’s Responsibility to Human Authority

C. Concerning Accountability and Limitations of Human Authority

Section 11: Concerning Last ThingsA. Concerning Death and ResurrectionB. Concerning The Rapture of the Church

C. Concerning the Tribulation Period

D. Concerning Christ’s Second Coming and Millennial Reign

E. Concerning the Judgment of the Lost

F. Concerning Eternity

Section 12: Moral IssuesA. Concerning AbortionB. Concerning Euthanasia

C. Concerning the Marriage Covenant and Sexual Immorality

D. Concerning Divorce and Remarriage

E. Concerning Gender Distinctions

F. Concerning Civil Lawsuits