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  1. Very nice website, Jerry. Looking forward to reading more of your articles as you continue your walk with Jesus. Thankyou and God Bless You.

  2. I just read your article on “What killed Highland Park Baptist Church” and I must agree with you. I was on campus twice during my education. Dr. Faulkner was the Pastor, then Dr. Bouler.
    I was saddened to hear of the closing and selling off of the property especially of Phillips Chapel and the other church across the street on Orchard Knob and Bailey Ave. I was privileged to have a class in there at one time.

    • Like you, I was also saddened by the happenings at TTU. It seemed to go downhill fast once Dr. Roberson was gone. Thanks for visiting the site. Tell your friends about it. I’ll continue to add content as time and health allow.

    • Kim, take your time, look around and use what you can for God’s glory. As you can see, the site is constantly in flux as I attempt to create a better environment for my readers.

  3. I graduated from TTU in 1980. I had no idea the course the school and church had gone. Thank you for you thoughts.

    • Thanks for reading. And yes, the TTU story is very tragic. What was once a standard bearer is no more. I attended TTU back in the late 70s when Dr. Roberson was Pastor and Dr. Faulkner was assoc. Pastor (and my motorcycle riding buddy). It was great back then.