About Me and the Blog

headshotHi; My name is G. Hinson “Jerry” White and this is my blog.

First; a bit about me.

PERSONAL: I love my wife Donna, my dog Bella and my friends, which are a mix of theologians, atheists, liberals, conservatives, gear-heads and bikers. I also love the Word and sharing with others. Additionally, I am a photographer and enjoy showing God’s creation as seen through my lens.
:A conservative Republican. I am for personal responsibility in all areas of life and against Gov. handouts for any reason. I do not believe the Government has the right to take one person’s money and give it to someone else for any reason. Period.
SPIRITUAL: Sinner by birth, Christian by conversion and Baptist by conviction.

Now; about the blog;

I will be blogging about culture, Christendom and everything in between. Some content will be my own, some by contributors and many from public domain books by great theologians and preachers of the past. Any original content will all list “The e-vangelist” as author. The rest will list Admin as author.